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Friday, June 02, 2006

FOR THE RECORD(again, and again)

If Love In Action works for you. Congratulations.

We're not standing up and speaking out to try and take away your rights, or tell you how to live your life.

But there are kids inside Love In Action's walls who've been forced to be there....


Because of who they love.

That's a dangerous lesson to teach someone.

We want an end put to these messages.

Especially when a parent can force their children into a camp that is built around them.

We feel it is inhumane, and damaging to the spirits of those who aren't given the choice.

You may disagree, but disacknowledging the fact that others may have a different experience from the one you've had is simply being blind.

We know that some teens have gone through REFUGE, and had what they are currently referring to as a positive experience...Love In Action then takes their messages and posts them in the form of testimonials, and distributes them in literature...often individuals like this are paid sums of money, and offerred paying positions to speak and tell their stories. These stories are used to promote what is happening behind those walls. Those stories are used to keep Love In Action afoot-to pay the bills, and employ individuals who continue to do this work for a living. We cannot say that these stories are false...so we honor that....again...for the record...WE HONOR THAT SOME PEOPLE HAVE POSITIVE EXPERIENCES AT LOVE IN ACTION.


What about those who don't? Thousands of dollars later. Many years of time spent trying later. A summer of your precious teenage years later. A destroyed relationship with your family later. Etc....

What about these people, who are speaking out more and more. Hopefully you, as we do, would also care about their stories, and understand that these people have testimonies to write. The difference here is that we, as QAC, don't have a budget. We don't have the ability to pay people to put their stories together, and getting them to tell their stories will not keep our busniess alive. Instead, it will only allow us to feel just a few steps closer to our hope that homophobia be laid to rest, and all Lesbian, Transgendered, and Gay people be allowed to live, love, work, smile, and laugh IN PEACE...without the threat of being forced to attend a camp that teaches people otherwise.

ONCE AGAIN: If it works for you. Good.

We just simply feel that LIA should not target, and prey upon youth.


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