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Friday, October 28, 2005


So, the documentary premiered last monday night to a great reception, including a standing ovation. The festival also awarded the film/filmmakers the "Ron Tibbett Excellence In Filmmaking Award".

"What Does Love In Action Look Like: the preface" will screen again, Tuesday November 1st, 7pm at the University of Memphis ROSE Theatre in conjunction with BGALA. Big Thanks to Will Carter and Robin Yow for their encouragement and participation with setting this screening up. Please help spread the word to get a big crowd out for this.

As many of you are aware there has also been an on-going dialogue with Progressive Talk 680 radio host Leon Gray after his comments a couple of weeks back that expressed what many percieved as anti-gay sentiment. The dialogue has continued and yesterday Dr. Arnold Drake of Memphis PFLAG was a guest on the show. We have had some correspondance with Leon and will post them here soon. We highly encourage people who are hurt by the sentiments of "being gay is wrong" to speak up in times like these. We, gay, straight, transgender, black and white, of all religions and walks know how detrimental the promulgation of shame and judgement can be upon the well-being of our fellow human beings can be....And while it's important that people have the freedom of speech, it is also vital that we protect the fragility of the human spirit, and let it be known when we feel like one's views expressed under this right are hurtful towards our fellow citizens.

More on this to come....


  • I love the spirit in which you all do what you do. You continually provide a model for many of us who grow weary with the foolishness and ugliness in the world. Thank you.

    By Blogger Peterson Toscano, at 1:35 PM  

  • Indeed. .Kodus!

    By Anonymous Adam, at 11:23 PM  

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