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Saturday, October 01, 2005


In the 29 page document(PDF) outlining Love In Actions lawsuit against the State of Tennessee, the following false allegations have been made:

  • From Item 40) "Members of QAC publicized the blog entries(of a adolescent participant of LIA) to other groups that support the homosexual lifestyle. "

  • From Item 43) "Many emails sent to Rev Smid from members of QAC and PFLAG stated their explicit intention to restrict LIA's ministry or cause it to dease altogether. Members from both groups, among others, expressly stated a goal to cause LIA's demise"
  • From Item 44) "In their efforts to bring this goal to fruition, upon information and belief, members of both QAC and PFLAG besieged the governors's office and various state agencies for the State of Tennessee, demanding that LIA come under state regulation or be forced to cease operation."
  • From Item 45) "As a direct consequence of the pleas made by QAC and PFLAG, as well as other lobbying efforts, various departments of the State of Tennessee began to investigate LIA"
FOR THE RECORD..........

QAC's goal was never to have LIA closed down, come under state investigation, or the like...

QAC was not apart of the initial spreading of "an adolescent participants" blog entries, we in fact tried to stop the spread of these blog entries, encouraging individuals to cease from publicising them.

QAC never, repeat NEVER besieged any state office, official, or the like for any reason, and specifically not to pressure anyone in any position in regards to any of the investigations. The only contact we had with the State of TN was with Rachel Lassiter, who is responsible for dispensing information to the public about investigations, and we contacted her on a few occasions only to get updates about the investigations.

QAC HAS NO CONNECTION WITH THESE INVESTIGATIONS. We never filed complaints, pressured state officials, nor did we make it our mission in any way to have Love In Action shut down. We feel that it is unfortunate that LOVE IN ACTION would feel the need to distort facts, specifically in a document that will be used in a court of law. When one of our representatives met with John Smid, director of LIA in August, many of these issues actually were discussed, and cleared up. Mr. Smid acknowledged that he understood it wasn't QAC sending emails to him out of hate, and it wasn't QAC who spread "an adolescent participants" blog entries, and also that it wasn't QAC who filed reports with the state. With this knowledge, the only conclusion we come to is that these are direct deceptions on the part of Love In Action and their attourneys in an attempt to slander not only QAC, but the State of TN and their investiagtions as being nothing more than "politics of the left".

We also would like to state that QAC is currently preparing official statements on this for the press, and to speak with Alliance Defense Fund, who is representing LIA, since we are named in their lawsuit under the heading: STATEMENT OF FACTS, with the suheadings of: Advent of State Involvement, and Efforts to Regulate LIA.

More soon on our offical statements.


  • I see this time and time again. An organisation faced with a grassroots opposition spontaneously generated by the Internet is unable to grasp the concept that no one entity is creating and directing the opposition, and so tries to convince itself and everyone else that only one person or group is responsible for everything, in this case the QAC.

    You may be seeing a lot of legal documents and press releases in the future trying to pin the blame for something that someone else did on you. There isn't really much you can do except deny it when it occurs I'm afraid.

    By Anonymous Neil H, at 8:24 AM  

  • It would be entirely possible for QAC et al to turn around and sue LIAr for slander. Provided that you can prove damages, and that the things they said where *not* true.
    Slander and Libel cases are extremely dificult to prove in court.

    I have to ask: *WHY* was Qac's goal never to close down LIAr? What would be so wrong with that if Qac *DID* do that?

    And *WHY* would it be 'wrong' for QAC to petition and report the the authority of government to launch investigations?

    Thats one of the things I find hillariously hipocritical on LIAr's part: The religious supremacists are *ALWAYS* whining and crying to the government to enforce THEIR agenda through the government...and now they are crying because someone else did it to them?

    If I where a judge hearing this case, I would toss out their lawsuit on THAT basis alone: Crying because you got caught doesnt make one innocent. Whining and whimpering because concerned citizens reported possibly unlawful activities and demanding an investigation and accountig for those activities....thats simply rediculous. It is the RIGHT and the RESPONSABILITY of citizens to report and ask for investigations into organizations that are breaking the law.

    For example: Say that there is a strip-bar that is hiring under-aged kids to strip...clearly against the law. And some group of concerned citizens speaks up and asks the authorities to investigate it....and they want the place closed down for opperating in such an immoral, indecent, illegal and manner that sexually exploits under-aged youths.

    Wouldnt you find it laughable if the strip-club got CAUGHT at this, was given chances to rectify the situation, then when they didnt do it, got their doors locked...and THEN started crying that it was "Blatent harrassment"?

    Hell, christian supremacists do that sort of thing all of the time to businesses that are NOT violating any laws! (Adult bookstores, etc)

    Never the less, if QAC is being used as some kind of wierd defense in LIArs lawsuit, and Qac did NOT do any of those things, then that is perjury on LIAr's part....they should have to PROVE that someone from QAC and/or PFLAG actually DID these things....AND that these things where done somehow "with malice". Because even if QAC *DID* do these things, you where fully within your rights, interests and responsabilities to do so.

    At the very very least, LIAr had the *Appearance* of violating laws and regulations....And I think that there is plenty of substantial evidence and circumstance that they where doing exactly what the state of TN cited them with.....if they wherent, then why all of the stall tactics?

    I have not one ounce of pity for any employee of LIAr that might be out of a job, or the organization capsizing.....that would be extremely insignificant in the light of the very real damage that they have done, and are doing to not only the clients, but ALSO every Gay person who has to live with the discrimination and violence that is "legitimized" by what LIAr teaches. Not to mention the alcohol, drug abuse, suicide and destructive behaviors that many Gay people go through BECAUSE of these kinds of programs.

    From a moral equivilancy point of view: Rev John Smid is a serial killer.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:42 AM  

  • I would definately have to second what annonymous has said. I do believe these places should be closed down. They are practicing bad psychological medicine and are nothing more than snake venom elixir shops. I personally though not affiliated with QAC will do everything within my power to see places like this abolished and will smile when I see those running them charged or disbarred. What they are doing breaks all the oaths medical professionals have to take to do no harm. They practice bad psychology and should be handled as such. If TN throws them out of thier state, I say "BRAVO" good for TN that shows the wisdom and true light of Christ in its decision.

    By Anonymous JustSid, at 11:15 PM  

  • Members of QAC publicized the blog entries(of a adolescent participant of LIA) to other groups that support the homosexual lifestyle

    I addressed this here

    By Blogger Ol Cranky, at 12:38 PM  

  • Any offical statements on the LIA lies about you yet (as of October 11)? I'd be more then happy to link to something from my website when you get around to it. This sorta speaks to the issue of trustworthiness on the part of the LIA folks. They talk to you, they aknowledge that you guys didn't do those things, then they turn around and tell a court that you did. Nice. And we're supposed to believe them when they say they don't do therapy...

    You folks still want copies of my photos from the last protest?

    By Anonymous Bruce Garrett, at 6:54 PM  

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