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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Channel 13 on Love in Action

Fox News local in Memphis TN will air a piece on the LIA investigation that could have their facilities shut down this week. THe pice will air at 5 or 5:30. They inteviewed former client Jeff Harwood, and Morgan Fox of QAC. Apparently LIA refused to comment, which seems to be their new tactic in media relations, a sharp contrast from when all of this begun.

As Love In Action faces this deadline, QAC is aware that most likely they will find some way to bypass being shut down, however, we are aware of the facts. This organization has hurt many people's lives, costing them not only financially but also through years of emotional/psychological repair. It is our mission of allow the voices of former clients, and those hurt by homophobia to be heard regardless of the outcome of this investigation. We encourage all of those effected by this program to speak up and unify so that a campaign may fully be brought forward to make known the damage done by so many years of an organization operating under the false guise of offering refutable treatment, when it is well known that these so-called treatments lack the credibility LIA would like you to assume they have. Please contact us with your stories of being effected by such organizations, and we will, with the help of other former clients help initiate a unified voice of those effected by their practices. The State of TN has already stated they've been operating illegally, so essentially, this proves their practices have been in violation of the best interests/well-being of those paying thousands of dollars for their assistance. More soon...


  • I saw the piece on Fox13. It was OK, but many of the clips were interrupted. Mr. Fox got a few seconds, while Mr. Harwood got more time but it was scattered throughout the article. The anti-LIA forces got the 'talking' time, but LIA got more of the 'pictures' time. So I am not sure who it benefitted.

    I also saw the piece on WREG (3) at 10:00pm. It was poor in my opinion. The coverage was single-sided in favor of LIA. Since I thought that LIA was not going on camera, I also think they used older video footage which included statements from Mr. Smid and Mr. Wellmen.

    All and all we will have to wait until Friday to see if LIA can pull a rabbit out of its hat...

    By Anonymous mudd, at 8:32 PM  

  • I just posted a blog entry that outlines some distressful incidents that occured while I was in LIA. I invite others to post their own experiences in my comment section. Thanks


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:12 AM  

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