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Thursday, September 22, 2005

and so the story goes

We're waiting for verification from the state of TN, however, we've got the following from former LIA client/counselor Bob P.

"In a meeting earlier this week with the Tennessee Department of
Licensure, LiA showed its political muscle. Two Tennessee state
representatives along with a competent attorney attended the meeting
in favor of Love in Action.

According to licensure requirements, LiA cannot house anymore than
one person who falls under the state's jurisdiction. At this time,
LiA has two persons who are considered "mentally ill."

Even though LiA was adamant about the fact that they do not fall
under the state's guidelines since they are a "ministry," it was made
known during the meeting that one of the two clients in question will
be discharged by this weekend."

Two TN state rep's? Oh man, I can't wait to find out who these guys are...
Now, Bellevue Baptist most likely has its own state rep, right? So, ok, that's one, and the other? Hrm.

More soon when the word from the DMHDD comes in.

But honestly, they got two state rep's?


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