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Friday, February 17, 2006

Pre-op Transsexual Shot and Killed

02/16/2006 5:11:17 PM

Police are looking for the person who shot and killed 21-year-old Ray
Berry, a pre-op transsexual known as "Tiffany."

Police say Berry was shot and killed at the Camelot Manor Apartments
in South Memphis in what appears to have been a robbery-homicide. A
friend who saw Berry's body shortly after the shooting has doubts.

She still had her purse and everything. They shot her in the chest.
They shot her three times. I'm sure they would have taken the purse,
says the friend says.

Berry's friends say she had stepped outside for some fresh air. About
that time, neighbors say they heard about five gunshots. Minutes
later Berry stumbled up to the house looking for help and then died
inside a short time later.

The neighbor upstairs says she hears people arguing in Berry's
friend's apartment all the time. She says just two weeks ago, police
were called because one man had a knife and another had a sledgehammer.

Memphis police won't comment about the victim being a transsexual
because they say it has nothing to do with the case.

If you have any information on Berry's murder, call Memphis Police
Homicide at (901) 545-5300.


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