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Sunday, June 04, 2006


FOR OFFICIAL RELEASE-Sunday, June 4, 2006

Concerned citizens to hold a peaceful, loving demonstration of TRUE Love In Action, at 4780 Yale Road-Memphis, TN 38128 . Teen who was coerced into program returns a year later to speak out against it.

As concerned citizens, we fear that Love In Action is openly preying upon vunerable youth, and their parents with the launch of their newly extended, and more agressive 3 month long REFUGE program which teaches Gay teeens that they "inherently broken, and sinful". We feel that it is deeply dangerous for ANY organization to support a parents wishes to change their children through so-called therapies which have been widely discredited by every major medical and mental health organization.

This demonstration celebrates true LOVE IN ACTION, and is taking place ONE YEAR after our initial protests at Love In Action, which began when a teenager, named Zach
wrote in his online journal that his parents were forcing him into the program. These protests eventually led to international news coverage-including CNN, New York TImes, Good Morning America, and TIME magazine.

ONE YEAR LATER, another teen that was forced into the extremist Chrisitan program last summer now returns to Memphis once again....but this time he's joining the demonstration outside the camp.

Now 18, Lance Carroll will travel to Memphis, and speak to the crowd of demonstrators, and also the press...

I am attending the protest in reaction to my own horrendous experience last summer, and as an opportunity to voice my personal opinions concerning the Love in Action Refuge program...while I was there, it just seemed to make people more depressed and self-loathing than they already were. I, myself, went through several of these depressive periods.

With our knowledge of LIA's attempt to further their attack on youth, and the one-year anniversary of our first protest at their facility nearly one year ago, the Queer Action Coalition calls the local, national, and international community to raise their voices, and open their hearts....to make a stand and continue to show what LOVE IN ACTION looks like.

LANCE CARROLL WILL TALK TO THE PRESS AT 9:45am outside Love In Action in hopes to share his story so that other teens may not have to endure the experience so many teens already have.


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