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Monday, June 05, 2006

Afternoon Demonstration of Love In Action Update.

The afternoon protest was incredible. We had the largest turnout since the protests began. Pictures will be posted sometime tomorrow. We just want to thank everyone for having the love, and courage to come out and stand up for what they believe to be right. We thank Bruce, and Bob for traveling from across the country to come and show their support. We thank Bob P, a former client, and staff member of LIA for having the great strength to come and stand alongside everyone and show his presence. To Lance Carroll, we cannot say thankyou enough for being so incredibly strong, and caring...and to Lance's many friends who drove to Tennessee in support of their very loving friend as he told his his story to all of us. This day is not to be forgotten. So many individuals...especially those allies who may not identify as a marginalized minority of any sorts, but in their hearts knew it was right to come out and show their support. It brings great joy to us to see such incredible outreach in our city. It was also nice to hear the ever-encouraging words of support from Peterson Toscano, which came via Bob P's telephone.

We also would like to thank a particular current staff member of LIA who came forth and respectfully showed care for Lance. One might have thought more LIA staff members would've lended such words of care, and concern for an individual who spent two months inside their facilities, and then experienced traumatic times since. We are, afterall, all children of this world, and indeed deserve the respect of those we've spent such precious time around. Hopefully Lance's story will be one of hope to those who may experiece similar situations in their lives. One reporter questioned Lance about the effectiveness of these demonstrations, and in response, he recounted the hope he felt last summer when he saw, and heard those gathered outside. "It gave me ease to know that I was not alone in what I was feeling during those sessions...and maybe now I can also offer this sense of ease to others who may be where I was."

Although we cannot confirm this, we were told today that so far, there are no teenage participants attending Love In Action's Refuge program.

Lance will be flying to Washington, DC, to tell his story infront of national news outlets on Wednesday, at the National Press Club, for the launch of "Truth Wins Out", a new national organization founded by Wayne Besen, author of "Anything But Straight". The organization's goal is to help share stories from those affected by "ex-gay" organizations, and to monitor/educate the public about the strategies they are using to spread their messages.

We wish Lance the best, and thank him for a brave return to Memphis, which he described as "therapeutic."


  • "Although we cannot confirm this, we were told today that so far, there are no teenage participants attending Love In Action's Refuge program."

    Thank God!

    By Anonymous Walt, at 6:46 AM  

  • I'm very proud of all of you for standing up for truth against this gay concentration camp.

    By Blogger SteveSchalchlin, at 7:13 AM  

  • You're all wonderful! Especially Lance who was brave enough to go back and face last year's ordeal.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:09 PM  

  • gay concentration camp???? BULLSHIT!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:37 PM  

  • Jerry Falwell's convertagay group was run by a "converted" man who came back to his God given state of mind. gay. ALL evidence from all reputable investigators has found gay/straight is like left/right. It is how God created people. Gay people are "hardwired" just as are left-handed people. yes, you can learn to use your right hand, you might think an epiphany has occured for such a normal action to change to the other hand. BUT you will forever, for the rest of your life, prefer your left hand. people who call themselves Christians, many of whom truly believe the epiphany of being saved is evidense of changing sexual orientation. that is why it is call ORIENTATION. I am a born again Christian and gay. trust my born again lifelong (53 yrs) state of being who I am. all evidence reveals most if not all conversions realize God's plan and become whole with who they are as created. others simply become recluse and hide things so as to not to change existing relationships. if a person is born gay, as any gay person will tell you as they "always" knew, than that person is gay. Hopefully he will find Christ, then he will be a gay Christian, and lets let him be that away and devote his life to worthy accomplishments.

    By Anonymous jbtampa@msn.com, at 9:06 AM  

  • further, talk of gay people not being in their "natural state as God wants" generally sound hateful and patriotic to a flag they consider everyone's flag. don't tell me different please. it is left=right and gay=straight. we fly a different flag but it comes from an ajoining state, not Iran.

    By Anonymous john barger rrt, at 9:13 AM  

  • just one more thing..my parents are Christians who work hard for their Methodist church, where they are Stephen's Ministers. they more than tithe by alot. they were upset when I told them 30 years ago. now they consider my partner of 14 years a member of the family in every way. every way. they are devout Christians, and they have learned that confidence that you know God's wishes does not mean you do. It is work of all Christians to live a life-long adventure of learning the Bible. dad teaches sunday school, by the way.

    By Anonymous john barger rrt write me!, at 9:21 AM  

  • Is it God's "creating" that causes personality differences, birth defects, homosexual desire, etc.?
    I think not. I can not blame God for what I am, but I can ask God to help me overcome whatever I have turned out to be. It is an admission of unbelief to deny we can change.

    The "anonymous" preacher

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:27 AM  

  • I reached this blog after seeing 'Sad to be gay'. I am not a english speaker (I use to see bbc documentary in the process of learning english), so forgive my poor english.

    I am just amazed with this 'ex gay movement'. I am not gay. I am shock because I am a psichyatric and I realize how harmfull could be this pseudoscientific belief to the gay peolpe. There is no law in the states which allows you to prosecute this people for illegal medical praxis?. A not educated person giving therapy is just as dangerous as an uneducated person giving you any medicine.

    By Anonymous Baron D'Holbach, at 6:54 AM  

  • I lurv you guys, but how far is LIA from Maryville?

    P.S.I say we rent a helicoper, and some Green Berets, and rescue anyone held against their will.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:51 PM  

  • CONGRATULATIONS with "Love in Action." Thank you for all your hard work and the information you posted about this!

    Together, we can change the world.

    "Individuals can make a difference and if each of us did our bit, collectively we will make a major contribution." - Kofi Annan, Former United Nations Secretary-General

    By Blogger Kentucky Equality Federation, at 3:18 AM  

  • Can someone tell me what the point of XGW is?
    Not being cynical-but I just don't get what it is you people do other than gripe about ex gay ministries.
    What's the purpose?
    Is it to close all ex gay ministries forever? to inform others of the pitfalls associated?
    A mission statement would be nice other than just a bunch of random articles by teens who had the misfortune of being "forced" into a "therapy" situation that they did not want to be in. (which i agree is NOT right by any means)
    How would you help people in a live in situation at XGW because a client can't return to their family for failing in ex-gay therapy?
    From what it sounds like you'll just put them in a room w/ a case of lube and condoms and say "Here are 30 guys who are going to show you how good being gay is."

    By Blogger DATmafia, at 12:41 AM  

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  • Unfortunately, this is the mindset of many in Memphis:

    "I like television of old. Leave it to Beaver, Andy Griffith, Dennis the Menace, Superman, Happy Days.
    What I don't like is the agenda alot of these networks have these days. They always seem to try to push the envelope.
    Abc ,really seems to push the homo lifestyle out there. So do the cable shows. Even the fix it and do it yourself shows a filled with homosexuals. Mrs.Whitey loves to watch TLC alot, and sometimes I call her a f*ghag because evreytime you turn around there is tinkerbell floating all over the place. If people would just turn that crap off then it would go away.
    I also notice that some of the commercials are dabbling in racially mixed relationships, one that comes to mine of late is Ashley furniture. It didn't last long. It ssems I wasn't the only one who called and raised Hell.
    The moral of the story here boys and girls is that if the majority continues to sit QUIETLY on it's tail and do nothing, then all these ''Little'' things will keep creeping in and become the norm.
    Dr.Adrian Rogers said it best,''The things that were once hid in the closet are now paraded down Main Street for all to see.''
    We Know what and who mainstream America is. We know what they are all about. The numbers are on our side. We need to start acting like it."

    The most disturbing part is that this kind of homophobia is published on the web site of WREG Channel 3.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:07 PM  

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