Queer Action Coalition

Monday, July 04, 2005

Church Form Letter

Available in the Media section of qaconline.org is a letter written by a QAC supporter that was sent to Bellevue Baptist. Use this letter as a template for your inquiries. All of the supporting churches' addresses are available here: Supporting Churches.

Click here to download the letter in MS Word Format.

Here's part of the letter for you:

Dear Sir:

I am writing about a concern I have with a ministry that your church may be supporting. I have been researching the practices of Love in Action and specifically the teen program Refuge. I am concerned about a number of the rules and procedures for the participants and their parents. The most troubling of the rules include:

Ï Restricting participants to selected parts of Memphis
Ï No outside education while in the program, including public or private high school
Ï Required attendance by participant and parents to a specific Baptist church, which may not be their home Baptist church
Ï Limits on communication with immediate family, friends, other participants, or even self in the form of journals and diaries
Ï No verbal contact nor even gesturing to communicate during first two or three days—only written notes.
Ï A separate set of rules for the parents which are to be hidden from their child.