Queer Action Coalition

Monday, June 27, 2005

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THANKS TO PETERSON TOSCANO for coming to Memphis this weekend and performing his show. It was an incredible experience, to say the least. His show is amazing, and he had so many great things to share with us. CHECK OUT HIS VERSION OF THE MEMPHIS EXPERIENCE HERE.

Today's protest/rally was really good. Peterson came out in support, and the former PFLAG National President, Dr. Arnold Drake, now with the local PFLAG Chapter, came to show support as well. We had a short dialogue with Tommy Corman, LIA's Development Director who we've communicated several times previously with. We brought up the idea of holding a formal dialogue between LIA, QAC, PFLAG, licensed therapists, supportive churches, etc. Tommy seemed to be open to the idea, which would be a wonderful opportunity.

Just for everyone's "right to know", please check out THIS WEBSITE so you can see where LIA gets some of the vital statistics they use on the OFFICIAL REFUGE PAGE to help show why the "homosexual lifestyle" isn't healthy. If you scroll down this page you'll see quotes such as:
"Homosexuals By Their Lack Of Responsibility Have Started Numerous Epidemics Recently.
A Question? Are You, The Homosexuals of This Country, Stupid? Are You Trying To Kill Everybody!"
"Medical research now shows that homosexuality and gender identity disorder may be caused by SOY TOXINS and environmental poisons! Are you choosing your child's sexuality for him/her? "