Queer Action Coalition

Friday, June 17, 2005

QAC Update

QAC would like to announce that we are very pleased with the way this morning's rally went. We got to show support for those people in the program and a chance to get out our message of respect for those people involved in LIA and the rallies outside. For now we are not planning any more support rallies. We've managed to have a very positive relationship with the police, LIA, and the media. We ask all those interested to keep up this same level of respect in any dealings with any one who is connected to this story.
Please come to our events such as Peterson Toscano's performance at the Media Co-op.

Also, if you are just looking at this story, please note that QAC is unaffiliated with any media outlet or web page that you may see. All official news about our actions will be diligently updated on our blog. Thank all of you for your support. Check back soon for more information on what we're doing.