Queer Action Coalition

Sunday, June 12, 2005


Some protestors will be there as early as 7:30am, hope you can be there.

Author, Wayne Besen of the book "Anything But Straight" has an incredible overview of the history of the Ex-Gay movement, please goto his site and read all of this valuable information to understand more about what's gone on with the hostory of these places, and the fight against them.



  • Is there any way to donate to this group? Thousands of people are now outraged at what psychotic freak groups like LIA are doing to kids like Zach. This totally blows my mind. If a child is even barely touched sexually even once, the perpetrator is send to prison for decades. Yet nazi groups like LIA are totally mind-raping, mentally molesting, and viciously traumatizing kids like Zach - and amazing the pig media doesn't say squat. How depressing.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:29 AM  

  • Help is on the way. According to a comment left at Ex-Gay Watch by Mike Ditto of Janus Online, the editor of We The People, the periodical which initially carried the now-oft-repeated quote attributed to John Smid, has verified the authenticity of the quote. Hopefully, now the media can begin to start exercising its right to attribute the quote

    Thank you for playing, Mr. Smid, but you're all out of quarters.

    A support fund for QAC had been suggested, but what level it has reached insofar as being implemented is unknown.

    By Blogger EJ, at 2:34 AM  

  • Are there any news articles about this online?

    By Blogger Nic White, at 3:55 AM  

  • Hi,
    I also recently read about Zach and the 'Love in Action' camp. Very shocking. Glad to hear about your efforts!

    Now, I have a suggestion that is perhaps wild and unrealistic or may sound silly, so I apologise if it does seem inappropriate, but I had this idea while reading Zach's entries on the LIA programme and seeing his blog profile - among 'who I'd like to meet' he mentions the singers of the band The Killers (on Island Records). Imagine if they could be persuaded to give their support and help bring media attention to this issue? Even just offer to meet Zach or give him tickets to their shows once he hopefully gets out safe and well. Maybe this is not the sort of thing a popular band or more likely their record company would take risks with, but then again it could be worth a try?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:37 AM  

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