Queer Action Coalition

Saturday, June 11, 2005

QAC At Pride

More Pride Photos.

QAC spoke today at Memphis Pride. Check out the pictures in our photo album. Our speech gave a brief description of the history of the ex-gay movement and our group.

Our speech covered the following:

o Our Future

1. We are seeking to gain support from organizations local and national such as faith groups and coalitions of faith organization, politicians, political organizations in order to help educate more people about the existence of ex-gay organizations such as LIA, Exodus, etc.
Speaker’s Bureau
We are creating a speaker's bureau that groups can call on for a presentation about our group and the ex-gay movement as well as what actions they can take to create change.

§ We are not only centered on this issue but will also be using our resources to address other instances of institutional homophobia
Many people have been asking how they can turn their anger/dismay into something positive and constructive. Here's----

What you can do:
o We will have a downloadable flyer online about what is going on tomorrow--download and bring to your church/coffee shop/mom and discuss
o Post links to our blog on websites or email lists
o Inform us of any churches or other groups that would like us to come speak or would like a packet of resources about this organization and others like it
o Spread our contact information
o Email us!! We have gotten tons of supporting e-mails from Colorado, California and other places that are very far from Memphis and we have been able to respond to most of them. Your words of advice help us keep going. Our e-mail is fighting.homophobia@gmail.com.