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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Background From Other Sources

June 9th, 200512:23 pm


AS soon as people are arriving, the cops show up, they were called by one of the councilors. They instructed us we could not stand where we were and that we could not use a megaphone. We had prior "spoken knowledge" that even if a property didn't have a side walk, that the first ten feet of the property next to the street was public. The cops told us we were wrong. We moved, and then Janelle got on the phone with a few people, eventually with the city, who then informed us our knowledge was correct...and that the cops would have to call to get property inspector out there, we informed the police of this, and the police just left immediately. Bottom line, police often do not know the rules and will tell you one thing as a fact, and it's always good to check with someone in the city government to verify said things.

Janelle then went and talked to the same councilor who called the cops, the conversation started out with him being a bit hostile, and then went on for a long time where we talked about our concerns with this place. He actually started that conversation by asking us if we knew "(an underage clients first name)"......She asked who that person was, repeating the clients name, and then he retorted, saying he didn't say that.

He agreed that they are trying to persuade the clients, and that for the first two days the clients cannot speak. That's two 9-hour days, and potentially more days beyond that where the client cannot speak, ask questions, express concern, or state their wishes while the councilors push their beliefs onto the client. We discussed our "facts" about homosexuality, percentages, etc...and they greatly differ. Their percentages of how many gay people do this, or do that, or have this problem, or that problem are greatly inflated to any percentages that we've seen compiled over several decades...But these are the sort of figures they are using in justifying and attempting persuade the clients, beyond the idea that homosexuality is simply a lifestyle choice and a sin. He claimed that there is proof that you can change this "lifestyle choice", yet, of course, any of us can do some research and see how many people have spoken out to say that not only is there NO PROOF, but that attempts to do so are emotionally and psychologically damaging.

More information backing all of this, below, but this is simply where they differ from the people who do not agree with what they're doing. They operate believing that what they are doing is showing the love that these people need. This is information everyone already knows, i know, I'm just still continually having to remind myself of the mindset behind this. They believe as strongly as others do. The damage is in the forcing it upon others when they don't want it. We demonstrate, spread the word, try to raise awareness, but what they do, their practice of "forcing it upon others" is behind closed doors, with very strict and considerably dehumanizing rules, and for a lot of money. This organization makes over 500,000 a year(approx), half from donations, and half from clients. Behind closed doors. Knowing how much this issue hurts people, and ruins people lives, we want the support of people going through this, not someone telling them/us that who they are is wrong. Their argument is that "that's not who they are", and living the "gay lifestyle" is what's wrong and is why they go through pain, as a sort of punishment. I know that myself, and others feel that the beliefs held by this organization ARE THE EXACT PROBLEM, the exact reason so many people go through a living hell.

day three...
Yesterday a man from the center came out in the afternoon to a small group of protestors and told them that what was on their sign's was all true, and that he didn't agree with some of the things that went on there, which is partly good to know b/c maybe people like that can help kids through the program without losing their minds, however, it's also a bit unnerving knowing that even some of the staff think it's practices aren't all great.

Good stuff was said today. It was high energy, and more parents came out to show support.
Why this quote is gone.


Three news outlets showed up, look for stories tonight, especially the feature on channel thirteen.

Around 30 folks remained at the entrance to "Love In Action" for about 2 and a half hours...many staff members came out, we dabated with them, and chanted things like "It's ok to be Gay" and "This Is What Love In Action Looks Like"...also..."If you're out and you're happy clap your hands".....We also read facts about the whole history and facts about these sort of organizations through a bullhorn...



good facts to contradict bogus facts posted on Love In Action website
All the ex-gay "poster children" have failed

- John Paulk, the current ex-gay leader who was featured on the cover of Newsweek, was subsequently caught in a gay bar in Washington, DC at 11PM on a weeknight. Paulk first lied about why he was there, then later admitted that this wasn't his first visit to a gay bar.

- Wade Richards, the former ex-gay teen leader, last year came out and said that he was not "cured" of his homosexuality and that the ex-gay movement is a bunch of bunk.

- The two men who founded the ex-gay movement in the early 1970s subsequently quit the movement, and married each other.

and also: Compiled by Janelle:


The program THAT "saves gay people", etc.... is called "Love In Action" http://www.loveinaction.org
The organization that runs this program is called "A Safe PLace" http://www.asafeplace.org/


Homosexuality is a sexual expression of dependence upon another person for significance and value. It is also motivated by an inability to resolve emotional difficulties, which leads to addictive relational and sexual patterns.

For example, lesbianism develops from an attempt to escape the fear of male abuse or hurt. Over 85% of the lesbian women contacting ex-gay ministries have been sexually abused or molested. Female homosexuality may also originate as a woman detaches from her feminine identity.

A young girl seeking approval may find herself more affirmed when she adopts a masculine role, such as becoming "Daddy’s little helper" in an attempt to win his approval.

I’ve also found that often lesbians lack a nurturing and caring relationship with their mother. Their adult relationships with other women are based on the eroticization of same-sex needs for affirmation and acceptance.

False Image

Today’s media gives a false perspective of homosexuality, such as showing two men or women committed to monogamy, with an appearance of mutual love and affirmation. In reality, thousands of gay men pursue hundreds of encounters each year. Even those in a "committed" relationship are often unfaithful.

Relational addiction is common. Often it is hidden behind the façade of two men or women having an intimate friendship. What you don’t see is the hidden turmoil. There is often deep pain and loneliness.

Relational addiction is more commonly called co-dependency or emotional dependency. These distorted relationships tend to destroy a person’s hope of having a godly friendship. Those caught in these patterns are usually dependent upon being needed, or depend on others for security and significance.


  • thanks for this morgan. i will definitely be watching. and supporting.

    By Anonymous Michelle, at 9:06 PM  

  • None of the picture links work, how sad! (Protected LJ entries).

    Keep up the good fight, kids.

    By Anonymous Kelly G., at 8:01 AM  

  • the photo's can all be viewed from the side bar...QAC Photo's

    By Blogger Fighting Homophobia, at 5:21 PM  

  • What's this nonsense about "The Final Indoctrination from John Smid?" You don't give a source, a link, a media article... nothing to back up this outrageous statement. None of the other blogs you link provide a source for this quote either.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:46 PM  

  • The quote is originally attributed to a March 1994 article in We the People, a California GLBT publication. Issues that old are not posted online. I have a message in to the editor to verify the veracity of the quote.

    By Anonymous Michael Ditto, at 5:33 PM  

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