Queer Action Coalition

Thursday, June 16, 2005


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Alot of people turned up today to demonstrate infront of Love In Action. Very polite police officers arrived around 9:00am and joked around with us. They left. Around 10:00AM the media begins to flood the action and we get high energy, chanting "this is what love in action looks like". They start instantly grabbing everyone for interviews, and we hand them QAC press packets including handouts from organizations like the APA, and a history of EX-GAY organizations. Then our friend, Tommy from LIA comes out and informs the press they should be getting inside, and they do so.

The press conference was closed to the public, you had to either be a "friend of LIA, or from the PRESS". EJ, and Brett both got inside, and we will be posting a fully uneditted mp3 of the press conference later today, as well as pictures. Be on the look out for major news coverage on every station, as well as print tomorrow in the CA, and the Flyer next week. I'm not sure how the press is going to turn out, as we all know, these folks are trained to do these sort of things and back up their reasoning without having a spot left to shine, so it's hard to tell what the media will do with everything they've shot today. More soon.

PLEASE COME OUT TOMORROW-8:30-the last official day of protest.