Queer Action Coalition

Monday, June 27, 2005

QAC Offers LIA Workshops to "Show the Other Side"

During todays rally at Love In Action headquarters Tommy Corman (read his testimony here), Development Director at LIA extended a hand of friendship to Queer Action Coalition. Our offers of dialog with John Smid were not repulsed and Tommy also stated on camera that LIA's Refuge program was created to "help children and their parents see another side of homosexuality" this and John Smid's statement that Love in Action "[has] nothing to hide" led us to offer the following:

* QAC will host a workshop for the youth going through the Refuge program so that they can get to know queer youth like themselves and have the ability to make informed choices.

If you would like to see this happen send an e-mail of support to Tommy at info@loveinaction.org or give them a call at (901)-751-2468. We hope that Love in Action accepts our offer.