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Thursday, July 28, 2005

CNN Part Two

Watch CNN Today 7pm Central Time for a Follow up on
Conversion Therapy

Let's hope this piece actually addresses the facts and not the opinions of Love In Action's paid spokesperson.

Thursday's show

Gay to straight. One man says he has changed his ways. We’ll tell you how he says he did it. Tune in at 8 p.m. ET.


  • I just watched part 2 of the CNN piece. This time the mood was more against LIA. The questions Ms. Zahn asked the LIA studio guest were more pointed. I think the LIA stooge was cornered on a number of them. For example, the guest admitted that the program only works for those who desire change. This opened the next question from Ms. Zahn about teens who are sent by parents. The anti-LIA APsiA expert earlier in the piece highlighted the fact that LIA and its ilk prey upon those individuals who are already depressed and troubled. Both Brandon T and the LIA rep admitted that their going to an ex-gay ministry was during a time of desparation. When Ms. Zahn specifically asked about teens who may also be confused and the long-term impact of the treatment on them, the LIA stooge openly rejected the argument and deferred to the 'parents will'. This is the most damning about Love in Action--the Love does not apply to the kids! And the LIA rep admitted to it...

    "Do this programs promote homophobia?" asked Ms. Zahn. The LIA stooge could not see the forest for the trees. He respond was "No--just the opposite". He represents a program where every detail of your SINFUL EVIL HOMOSEXUAL life is documented in order to help the individual overcome his SINFUL HOMOSEXUAL lusts and temptations. Yet he can claim that this does not promote homophobia?

    By Anonymous mudd, at 6:34 PM  

  • This is the kind of truth that needs to come out much more often. For years, these evangelical organizations accused gays of "recruiting" people, drumming up images of us taking children - when the reality has always been that this is exactly their tactic - to recruit, forcibly and/or through parents if necessary, vulnerable people and attempt to brainwash them. They are a scam and a cult.

    By Anonymous Kevin, at 10:17 PM  

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