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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Good Morning America


The GMA story went much further than last night's CNN story in uncovering the truth and the lies associated with so-called "reparative therapy". The program featured Brandon Tidwell, LIA paid spokes person Gerard Wellman, John Smid and also made sure to mention the fact that all major medical and psychological associations have fully discredited "reparative therapy" as a healthy and viable way to deal with one's coming-out process.

Ex-Gay watch
provides a great critique of both stories here.

Most important was the fact that this story had many different points of view and did not present the two sides as having equally valid arguments.
Brandon's statements carry a lot more weight than those of the paid staffers of Love in Action. In fact, his statements and those of Peterson Toscano , two former Love in Action clients, are those that people will actually believe.

Take a look at the story that ABC posted on their site about the ex-gay issue "Do Christian-Based Reparative Therapy Programs Help or Hurt Those Troubled by Their Sexuality?"


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